Hi. I’m Tommo.

I don’t really care for sheep much at all.

I’ll admit that they do taste ok when cooked though.

I stumbled upon the ewetube.com.au domain after watching this episode of the Gruen Transfer.

I bought it after Will Anderson showed a video of welsh shepherds herding sheep on Youtube, “or should that be…  ewetube?” I thought it was funny, and then checked to see if anyone owned the domain.

Turns out no one did, so now it “belongs” to me.

I’ve just spent $55 on the domain name and $85 on web hosting to bring the domain name to life.

I also own a sleep mask business!

I don’t know why.

4 Responses to Why?

  1. Kent says:

    What are ewe shittin’ me?! I was just thinking how great of t-shirt “ewe tube” would make, but I knew I was late to the game.

  2. #DonaldTrump gets my goat so much, I wrote a satirical song about him and would have posted it on EweTube but ‘hay’, you have that domain already! https://youtu.be/LF43cMMp6Uo

  3. Hi, any chance ewe can get more stuff on the site… such a cool idea it’s a pity not to make it fly… pigs can fly ewe can too! 🙂

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